Distribution Optimisation

Fuelled by excellence
Our highly-experienced team of consultants put their knowledge of proven methodologies and market-leading modelling tools to use to improve your distribution and sales networks. Their process towards visualising and optimising a holistic solution that satisfies efficiency and effectiveness is both strategic and tactical.


Distribution Strategy Consulting

Determine the key drivers of supply and demand and align sales and distribution activities accordingly.

Customer to Depot Allocation

Assign customers to the most optimal depot for
the most efficient last mile distribution model.

Territory Optimisation

Balancing workload and demand based on various metrics to create geographically optimised customer groupings.

Fleet Configuration

Determine the optimal number as size of vehicles required for the most efficient fleet.

Service Day Assignment

Balance warehouse and distribution workload across the days of the week and weeks of the month.

Sales Rep Cycle & Route Optimisation

Optimal call cycles and rep routes for consistent, effective sales calls.

Master Route Optimisation

Optimised fixed routes suitable for customers with high frequency deliveries and consistent volumes.

What-if Analysis

Determine the impact of adjusting distribution rules and parameters.

RFP & Contract Costing

Create models that assist in budgeting for the required fleet mix, labour force, distance travelled and other fixed and variable costs.

Cost to Serve Analysis

Understand the cost to serve and profitability of servicing a specific location in relation to the rest of the locations within distribution network.

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